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TEFL Scotland - www.teflscotland.co.uk

EFL Student and Teacher Links - www.efl.arts.gla.ac.uk

EFL/ESL Web Links - www.iateflcompsig.org.uk

TEFL/TESL Sites and Links - www.fredriley.org.uk

English Teacher Toolbox - www.toolbox.smartemail.co.uk

TESOL/TEFL courses in UK, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic and Online - www.intesolinternational.com

    INTESOL International is a global TESOL training organisation, offering TESOL/TEFL certificate qualifications accredited by the College of Teachers. Your first step to a new adventure teaching English abroad!

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) - www.iatefl.org

IATEFL Young Learners Special Interest Group - www.countryschool.com/ylsig

    IATEFL Young Learners Special Interest Group aims to provide information on recent developments in English Language education for children and teenagers. Established in 1986, the YLSIG has evolved into a flourishing worldwide network, supporting and informing some 500 ELT professionals working with learners from 3-17.

New Lingo Translators - www.new-lingo.com

    High quality translation services at excellent prices. Website translation and localization services with operations in the UK and New Zealand.

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