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Environmental Policy


Acuras Ltd is determined to achieving the highest standards of environmental performance and recognises its responsibility to the environment. Acuras Ltd recognises that its operations have a direct and indirect environmental impact and aims to minimise that impact and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

The following Principles apply to all current and future members of Acuras Ltd and therefore will be acted upon in such a manner.

Along with adhering fully to local environmental legislation Acuras Ltd will always try to find new ways to minimise its environmental impact.


Acuras Ltd will, so far as operationally practical:

  1. Ensure that all relevant environmental legislation is applied
  2. Operate all equipment used within Acuras Ltd in an environmentally aware manner including:
    • Powering down all non-essential equipment outside of working hours
    • Localising our client base in order to reduce travelling costs
  3. Take care to purchase and dispose of consumables in an environmentally sensitive way and to reduce consumption wherever possible.
  4. Ensure that people and/or companies associated with Acuras Ltd are aware of our environmental policy where appropriate. This involves:
    • Making clients aware of this environmental policy by email

The Owner of Acuras Ltd gives their full support to the implementation of this policy.


Jonathan Jackson
Acuras Ltd